ActiveTime – powered by Marathon is THE Time and Attendance solution for Marathon users. The Marathon ActiveTime module, in conjunction with our time clocks, gives our Marathon users a truly integrated solution and eliminates the need to import or export from 3rd party systems. ActiveTime offers real time in real data which makes this the most reliable time and attendance solution for Marathon users.


  • Clocked time is imported from the ActiveTime Clocks directly into Payroll.
  •  Employees can View their Clocked Time in their ActiveResources account.
  • Remote Link Users will have same capability in the ActiveTime Queue as Central office as for editing what it was, what is was changed to, who did it for their staff.  Also, those that may have rights to Employee Leave.
  • Exceptions and Edits are kept in the Employee Change History Log.
  • Improves employee attendance and payroll accuracy.


  • No Show Report – identifies employees that have failed to use the time clock.
  • Add Employee Time – allows you to input any applicable missed time.
  • Time Summary Report – lists your hourly paid employees who have imported time records.  Also used to review for overtime.
  • Exceptions – lists employees with unequal time entries for the day.
  • Employee Time Sheets – shows the clocked time IN/OUT and total hours.

Time Clocks


Biometric Time Clock – uses the employee’s own finger to clock IN and OUT.  After a simple and quick process to create the employee’s fingerprint template, the employee’s finger is placed on the clock’s scanner and is identified.  Since it is dependent on using the employee’s finger, buddy punching is eliminated.



Proximity Time Clock – uses a smart card which can be read without inserting it into a reader device.  To use, the card is held near the Proximity Time Clock for a moment.  The Reader beeps to indicate the card has been read.



  • Fast and easy to use by employees.
  • Data is stored on the time clock if it is temporarily unable to communicate with the Marathon server.  Once the communication is restored, the data on the time clocks will be pulled into Marathon.
  • If power goes out at a location, the time clocks have a battery backup that will still allow employees to clock IN/OUT.


At no additional charge, a replacement time clock will be mailed out on the same day that one is reported broken or malfunctioning by the district.  The district will receive the replacement the next day. The replacement time clock will arrive set up and ready to use.