We at Central Access wouldn’t be where we are today if it weren’t for our Marathon product and its many new recent additions. Marathon delivers an integrated, Microsoft Windows-based, state-of-the-art fund accounting system that allows for better information distribution between school sites and the central office. Marathon offers all the tools needed to maintain a General Ledger across multiple locations, flexible Accounts Payable options, budgeting tools, payrolls, fixed asset management, and a great support staff to help in your times of need.

Marathon Partnerships

Appli-Track – Online ApplicationImport Demographic, Certification, and Endorsement info from the Applicant’s file when they are hired directly into Marathon.

Search SoftImport the info of Applicants hired directly into Marathon 

SBAC (School Based Administrative Claims @ MDE) – Import/Export of employee data, Exports employee roster from SBAC to Marathon, Flags employees to be marked, Run quarterly reports , Salary Fringe Benefit Summary , Employee Account Distribution and Leave for SBAC employees, & import back to SBAC from Marathon

Other Features State Insurance Billing Import to assist with Reconciliation each month. Import/Export Deductions to your Cafeteria Plan Administrator during open enrollment. Import Accumulated Time from 3rd party vendor to Marathon 

Marathon Features 

SAM SPECTRA  Integration with MARATHON Employee Info exports to SAM from Marathon which includes the Employee’s:

  • Demographics (Name, address, phone, location)
  • Certification Info and Endorsements
  • Teacher Class Schedules Import to Marathon from SAM
  • MSIS Teacher Leave Reports (available from Remote Link Reports)

Accounts Payable – EFT for Vendors and Employees

Active Time Integrates directly with Marathon

Active Resources – Employee Portal provided for district employees – provides electronic W2’s, Direct Deposit Statements, and maintains leave request and demographic info through our Employee Portal.

Document Management – Ability to upload documents to the different modules

  • Bids, Quotes, Invoices, Library book orders, etc. for Accounts Payable
  • Warranties, PO, Invoices, Bids, Quotes for Assets
  • Employee Payroll records (licenses, tax forms, insurance forms, etc.).

General Ledger — All New Updates made to entire GL module which include:

  • Import Journals
  • Reverse Accrual Entries
  • Report – Schedule of Instr. Admin and Other Expenditures with Student count
  • MS State Required Board Reports

Capital Assets   — Manage Transfer Request, Track Asset Conditions, Import assets, Print Barcodes and Scan Inventory

Marathon Training Database

  • Available for each district to conduct their own in-house training.
  • Database can be updated upon request

Ad Hoc Query – additional reporting capabilities

Rapid Reporting – Create Fast, Simple, Self-Serve Reports on Demand

Remote Data Security – Offsite data storage and disaster recovery.  Backup of your Marathon and other district data

Database Backup

  • Scheduled Nightly backups of the Marathon Databases are kept for 30 days
  • Flash drives are provided to the districts for additional backups which are maintained by the district.
  • Special Backups such as the End of Payroll, End of Quarter, End of Year, etc. may be created by the user and stored on the Marathon Server.

Help – Online Documentation

  • Online documentation for all Modules are stored here
  • You may view/print any or all sections for each module
  • Updates are also stored here as new features or changes are made to Marathon

Helpdesk – CA’s Customer Relationship Manager

  • Online helpdesk allows easy access for users to view/request assistance for software issues.

Message Center

  • Send messages to any or all users in Marathon
  • Users will receive Notification of Leave Request, Budget Amendment Request and Capital Asset Transfer Request

Marathon Security Administration and News

  • Setup District Settings and Document Management Categories
  • Maintain News, Users, Groups, Locations, Counters, Account Security Groups
  • Users may be given View, Add, Modify, and Delete Rights to many of the modules.
  • Account Security Groups limit the users rights to view Accounts
  • Ability to Lock Users out during the End Of Year process
  • Reports list Users, Rights, Locations, Account and Events
  • Audit Report – this report lists the changes made by the user.
  • Email notification of locked out users.

Ad Hoc Query – (SQL Query Statements)

  • Additional data info from Marathon that may not be included on a pre-designed report.
  • Reports are exported to Excel/CSV or XML
  • Security for these reports is based on the Module the users have rights to.
  • Example: Payroll Employee Listing would not be seen by an Accounts Payable User, unless the AP User also had access to Payroll.

Rapid Reporting

  • Create Fast, Simple, Self-Serve Reports on demand
  • Quickly and easily add Field, Pivot tables
  • Summaries , Subtotals, Calculations
  • Visual Grouping, 3D Charts, Trend Charts, and Gauges
  • Export reports to PDF, Word, Excel, Open Office, RTF, XML

16th Section

  • Maintains 16th Section Leases, Lessees, Parcels
  • Provides Secretary of State Reports
  • Prints Lease/Expiration Notices
  • Receipts posted to General Ledger
  • 5 Year Anticipated Revenue
  • District Sharing Revenue Calculations

Capital Assets

  • Ability to depreciate flagged assets annually which post to the General Ledger.
  • Print Barcodes and Scan Inventory
  • Ability to Track Asset Condition
  • Manage Asset Transfer Requests (submitted through Remote Link)
  • Primary and Secondary approval may be set for Asset Transfer Request
  • Ability to Import Assets
  • All reports printed in summary or detail  include several filter options
  • Location/Building/Room report
  • Depreciation reports
  • Document Management
  • View PO
  • See Journals made to GL
  • Asset Error reports with Missing Data Elements

Remote Link

  • Activity Fund Receipts, Disbursements, and Reporting
  • Budget Amendment Requests
  • Requisition Entry by Teacher or School Office level for available budget only
  • Copy Requisition feature – if similar items have been ordered before, user may copy a previous requisition and modify the quantity
  • After Principal Primary Approval, there may be up to 4 additional levels of Approval
  • As Requisition flow through the Approval process, any Requisition that is Denied will return to the School/Dept Entry Level
  • Principal /Department Approval rights may be given for Budget Amendment Requests, Asset Transfers, Approve Employee Leave
    • Budget Amendments Request
    • Asset Transfers
    • Approve Employee Leave
  • Principals ability to View Applicants
  • Principal may enter Termination Notices to Payroll Office.
  • View Purchase Orders assigned to their Requisitions
  • Maintain Employee Leave, Substitute Info and Print Leave Reports
  • View Expenditure Budget, Comprehensive Unit  and Activity Fund Reports
  • Lookup Assets and Print Capital Asset Report – Location/Building/Room
  • In Active Time Queue provides Remote Link sites the ability to
    • Maintain / Add Employee Time and Leave
    • Correct Time Clock Exceptions
    • No Shows and Who’s In
    • Print Employee time sheets
    • Time Summary reports

Remote Link Administration

  • Setup Secondary Approval Codes
  • Setup Purchase Order Counters
  • Secondary Level Authorization of Requisitions by the different levels such as Technology, Special Programs, Business Office, and Superintendent
  • Ability to Deny Requisition which sends the Requisition back to the Entry Level.
  • Requisition Upgraded to a PO
  • Report of Requisition Status

Accounts Payable

  • EFT for Vendor/Employees
    • If Employee participates in the EFT, then their bank setup may be pulled from their PR folder.
    • Generate Pre-Note file and EFT ACH file for your bank.
    • Mass Change EFT Status of Vendor from Pre-Note to Successful
  • Vendor Maintenance – view Invoices, Checks, Change Log, Disbursements and Invoice History
    • Vendor Types – a group code to classify your vendors such a Painters, Contractors, Do Not Order
    • Payroll Vendors flagged will only display these vendors in the PR deduction setup.
    • Document Management – upload W9 forms and other documents  for the vendor
  • Purchase Order
    • Easy Lookup of Vendor
    • Copy PO feature – copies PO info with no quantity or dollar totals. However does include the unit price of the line items.
    • Change Log on PO Changes
    • Document Management
  • AP Direct Payables option for those invoices that do not require a PO# such as employee travel and utilities
    • Copy AP Direct Payable – copies AP info with no quantity or dollar totals.
    • Document Management

General Ledger

  • Chart of Accounts – Budget Amendments
  • Hyperlinks to History Transactions for the Selected Account
  • Historical Trends showing YTD and Amended Budget  along with a Graph selection
  • Export Chart of Accounts to Excel
  • Utilities to Mass Copy, Generate, Delete Accounts and set Reporting Accounts
  • Import Journals from an excel spreadsheet
  • Reverse Accrual GJE
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Interest Allocation prorates interest to all funds in a pooled account based on fund balances.
  • Bank Import and Clear Checks
  • Next Year Budgeting
  • Reports – all reports can be exported to PDF, Word or Excel
  • MS State Required Board Reports
  • Report Schedule of Inst, Admin and Other Expenditures 

Multi-Year Audit

  • Assist with the End Of Fiscal Year Split Process
  • Copy Assets from prior year to New Year
  • Reports – Due to/From
  • Liability of compensated Absences

Active Resources

Marathon’s Employee Portal that enables the Employee to:

  • View NEWS for the district, location, or positions may be sent through Active Resources informing employees of important info.
  • View Demographics and ability to Request changes to Address/Phone/DOB
  • View Tax Wage Setup
  • View Deductions
  • View Leave Balances and Leave History
  • Request Leave
  • View Clocked Time
  • View/Print Direct Deposit Statements or Payroll Checks
  • View/Print W2’s
  • View Substitute Statements 

Active Time (Time Clocks)

  • Biometric or Proximity Time clocks offer Quick and Accurate Time & Attendance control
  • Integrates directly with Marathon Modules: Payroll, Remote Link and Active Resources
  • Stores Time Records in format that can be used for payroll reports and audits.
  • Time is imported from the Active Time clocks directly into the Payroll module saving time and improving the accuracy of the payroll.
  • Through the Remote Link module, users at the School/Department locations may be given the rights to the Active Time Queue to monitor and edit clocked time for employees at their location. (see Remote Link section for more info)
  • Exceptions and Edits are kept in the Employee Change History Log.

Human Resources


  • Maintains Applicant applications
  • Applicant applications may be viewed / searched from within Remote Link
  • Once the Applicant is Hired, the system will create an Employee folder in Marathon HR/PR

HR Employee Folder

  • Maintains Employee Certification, Licenses, and Endorsements
  • Maintains Years of Experience for In District, PERS, In State, Out of State and Next Year Budgeting for both Licensed and Non Licensed Positions
  • Maintain Out of District Work Experience
  • Maintains Historical Employee Information
  • Maintains other info such as Extracurricular Activities, Skills, Leave of Absence Notes

Position Maintenance

  • Maintains the type of positions within the district
  • Keeps track of the number of Positions Available, Filled for current year and can be displayed by Location Totals
  • When working on Budget it keeps track of the number of Positions for Budget Available and Budget Filled and can be displayed by Location Totals


  • Applicants Comprehensive Report and Address labels
  • Employee Termination Notice and List
  • Certification Reports and Expiring Certificates Report
  • Positions by Location, Race and Sex and Detail reports


Setup/Utilities to Mass Add, Change, Delete

  • Deductions and/or Amounts
  • Insurance Jobs or Account Distributions and/or Amounts
  • Mass Increase Amount on Account Distributions
  • Life Insurance Calculation
  • Export /Import Employee Deductions to your Cafeteria Adminsitrator
  • Many other to assist in making changes in mass rather than touching each employee individually.
  • Salary Schedules
  • Import Search Soft Hires
  • State Insurance Premium Level Setup for Horizon/Legacy rates

Employee Folder

  • Each employee folder contains tabs with information for Demographic, Deductions, Tax Wages, Jobs, PERS, Direct Deposit, Checks, Leave History, User Defined, HR Folder, Change History, Next Year Budgeting, Active Time
  • Maintain Employee Leave and Leave Requests (from Active Resources/RemoteLink)
  • Weekly Time – Maintain Additional Time or Manual Docks
  • Next Year Budgeting allow users to prepare Salaries/Benefits for the New Year
  • State Insurance Billing Import and Reconciliation
  • PERS – Import/Create PERS Records for Kelly Services Employees working for district.


  • Payroll Checklist monitors the user’s activity for each job/step they have run during the Payroll process
  • New Hire report and Upload file
  • EEOC report
  • Employee Change Log
  • MSIS Personnel Demographic Report
  • Salary/Fringe Benefits Report
  • 941 Worksheet
  • SBAC Reports
  • MESC Unemployment Excess Wage Calculator
  • At Will Agreements
  • Contracts
  • Contingent Contracts
  • Active Time Reports — Who’s In, No Shows, Time Summary , Time Sheets, Change Log