AIM Call Notification System



AIM is the rapid alert and call notification module within SAM Spectra. With AIM, your district can quickly and easily send messages directly from SAM, our AIM iOS app, or by using an 800# – to all parents and faculty within a matter of minutes. Unlike other call notification systems there’s NO IMPORTING or EXPORTING of data. — If it’s in SAM, then it’s in AIM. Briefly, here are some of the features: Unlimited phone calls and text messages, Message Archival in SAM and ActiveParent, Ability to Schedule Calls, Recurring alerts, Multiple Message Delivery Methods, Survey Feature, and Real Time Reports.

AIM Features and Benefits

  • Real Data / Real Time – No delays in getting your messages out quickly to all real time contacts. All data is live and current! When messages are generated through SAM Spectra – you are guaranteed all contact information is as current and accurate as you have it in SAM Spectra and doesn’t require an import/export process to get data current before sending out your message.
  • Improve Cost Savings – This is an integrated module within SAM. Districts enjoy a savings of 50 cents per student by eliminating the expense of queries to import and export data.
  • Improve School Safety – Unlike other call systems, districts can create an unlimited amount of calling groups. Groups could be setup as the entire district, specific schools, athletic groups and even field trip groups. In the case of an emergency, this allows the district to contact specific groups quickly!
  • Improve Parental Involvement – With AIM and ActiveParent – Parents can access all AIM communications, such as the child’s attendance, discipline, or any other messages sent from the district in their ActiveParent portal at any time.
  • Improve Attendance – Districts have the ability to automate calls such as daily attendance. Automating daily attendance calls results in quicker intervention and improved attendance.

To get started with a demonstration or to begin your FREE 30 day trial version, call       (800) 845-3976 or simply submit the following information: