Central Access Corporation

Central Access is a family owned, Mississippi based company with over sixty years of experience in the Mississippi education arena.  We offer an array of products that cater to the needs of the Mississippi  School Districts – with our flagship products being SAM SPECTRA and Marathon.  With these products, Central Access proudly boasts that over 80% of the school districts in the state use our software.


SAM Spectra is our Student Administration Manager.  With SAM Spectra, we are able to offer districts a robust solution – all in one package. This product allows school districts to manage most every aspect of their daily routine including Enrollment, Attendance, Grading, Scheduling, Discipline, Special Education, State Reporting, Calendars, Dashboards, a Parent Portal, a Student Portal, iOS apps, and even an optional Call Notification System (AIM). Central Access works closely with the Mississippi Department of Education to ensure that all Federal and State Mandates are considered and implemented in SAM Spectra in a deliberate and thoughtful way.  SAM Spectra is able to be nimble and adapt to the ever-changing landscape of the public education system.  We pride ourselves in working closely with our customers, our partners, and state department to constantly evolve and strive to be the best solution for our Mississippi School Districts.  Call today to learn more or request a demonstration: (800)845-3976.


MARATHON delivers an integrated, Microsoft Windows-based, state-of-the-art fund accounting system that allows for better information distribution between school sites and the central office. Marathon offers all the tools needed to maintain a General Ledger across multiple locations, flexible Accounts Payable options, Budgeting Tools, Payrolls, Fixed Asset Management, and a great support staff to help in your times of need. In addition to our Marathon Fund Accounting Software, we work to stay current on the ever-changing needs of our customers and the Mississippi Department of Education, and we take pride in knowing we offer the best solutions to our customers. Call today to learn more or request a demonstration (800)845-3976.